DJ / Producer. [bandcamp / soundcloud / mixcloud]

Please contact me on Discord: cannorin (preferred) or Twitter: @cannorin3.

Recurring Appearances

  • The Underground (Organizer Since 2019, Irregular Schedule, VRChat)
  • GHOSTCLUB (Resident DJ Since 2020, Irregular Schedule, VRChat)
  • system crash (Resident DJ Since 2022, Every 4th Monday, Bhanc, Osaka)

Past Apperances

Full-stack IT Engineer / Student on Mathematical Logic.


  • Full-stack Web Development (Frontend, Backend, Database).
  • Compiler & Developer Tooling (Parser, Type System, Package Manager, Build System).
  • Library Development & Document Writing.
  • I am fluent in: C#, F#, OCaml, TypeScript.


Field of Study

  • Modal Logic
  • Application of Mathematical Logic to Computer Engineering


  • Kurahashi, Sato. The finite frame property of some extensions of the pure logic of necessitation. 2023. arXiv:2305.14762.