I'm real, I'm here.

No matter where you go, everybody's connected.

― Lain Iwakura


Twitter::public - tech stuff, announcement

Twitter::virtual - VRChat, DJing, music, gaming

Twitter::private - math, logic, IRL, s**tposting



pixiv FANBOX - mostly personal and non-tech diary

Steam | Twitch | zKillboard | Discord: cannorin#5009

Personal Works

My personal projects are on GitHub.

My music is available on Bandcamp.

My DJ mixes are available on Mixcloud.

The slides of my talks are available on Speaker Deck.

Collaborative Works

ocsigen/ts2ocaml (author)

fsprojects/FSharpPlus (maintainer)

ionide/Ionide-vim (maintainer)

CoreTweet (author)

ゴーストクラブ.コム (frontend & backend)

The Virtual Underground: An Introduction to VRChat's Rave Scene (translation & Japanese subtitles)